Constructed with a Inner Stainless Steel, metal core which is having concentric serrations at specified Pitch and Laminated on both sides with sealing materials like CAF, PTFE, GRAPHITE, ALUMINIUM or SILVER.

The wide range of minimum and maximum seating stress of the Kamprofile Gasket makes it suitable for Pulsating service conditions and damaged flange surfaces.

Resistance to Media Temperature up to 1000 deg. C and pressure upto 250 Bar.

The laminated sealing materials of Kamprofile Gaskets protects the matting surfaces getting damaged by the concentric grooves of the Inner core material.

Removal of Gaskets will be very easy.

Damaged Flange Joints will be Effectively sealed by increasing the Thickness of the Sealing laminate.

Reduces maintenance cost by eliminating joint failures.

Flange Surface Finish : 125 -- 250 RMS.

Different types of Kamprofile Gaskets are illustrated below:

With Internal Ring
Without Ring
With Split Ring.

Temperature Pressure & Seating Stress details of different Types of Kamprofile Gaskets are as follows.

Material Deg.c/Temp Max.Opt.Press. in Bar. Application Seating (mpa) Stress
Min Max Min Max
Graphite -200 550 250 Temp/Press. aggressive media 20 400
PTFE -200 250 100 Aggressive media 20 400
CAF -150 450 100 Solvent aggressive media -- --
SILVER -200 750 250 Aggressive media 125 450


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