Constructed with Concentric alternative plies of winding Material & Filler material wound together at Specific Pressure. The Gaskets are the best in sealing by its construction itself and most reliable to seal HTHP Steam (High Temperature , High Pressure), Hydrocarbons and other critical service conditions. Its excellent Spring back property in assembly makes it much reliable to seal the critical service conditions. Most widely used in Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer and Oil Sectors.

The Gaskets are manufactured in accordance with ASME, BS, DIN & JIS Standards.

Spiral Wound Gaskets without Rings
They are suitable for Tongue & Groove, Male & Female Joints. Recommended for High pressure Valves & Pumps. Highly suitable for use where limited Gaskets sealing width is available.
Spiral Wound Gaskets with Outside Centering Ring
Outer Ring used as a centering device to locate the Gasket concentrically in the flange and also used as Compression stop. It also gives additional radial Strength to the Gaskets. These type of Gaskets are widely used in Raised face flanges, Van stone Joints ,Lapped Joints and in Weld Neck Flanged Joints.
Spiral Wound Gasket with Inner ring
Gives High Temperature & Pressure resistance to Gaskets in grooved Flanges. Mostly used in Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Boilers Pumps and Man Holes etc.,
Spiral Wound Gaskets with Inner & Outer Rings
Used in Raised face flanges for High Temperature , High Pressure applications. In High Pressure Areas inward buckling of Gaskets occur due to excessive bolt load and this can be avoided by Providing Suitable Inner Ring.. It gives extra strength to Gaskets and also protects the sealing Surface from toxic medias.
“W” Type & “Inverted W” Type Spiral Wound Gaskets
The “W” Forming increases the Density and Strength of The Gaskets. It also increases the Resilience of the Gaskets. Most widely Used in high pressure Valves & Pumps.

Winding Material :
SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316, SS 316L, SS 321, SS 410, MONEL, INCONEL, NICKEL, TITANIUM etc.,
Filler Material :
1 Compressed Asbestos Fiber : For General Purpose application upto 350 Deg.C.
2 Flexible Graphite : Upto 1200 Deg.C.
3 PTFE : For Cryogenic service conditions and upto 250 deg.C.
4 Ceramic : Upto 1000 Deg.C.

Spiral Wound Gaskets of Size up to 24” are confirms to the dimensions of ASME B 16.20, BS 338, DIN, JIS etc., Above 24” it confirms to ASME B16.47 Series A; B16.47 Series B & AWWA C 207.


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